Dog Ear Infection – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Owning a dog also means caring about it. You have to nourish it, play with it and have a check on its health conditions. On this note, sometimes your beloved pet might suffer from a very painful dog ear infection. In such an event, you will have to take your dog to an experienced vet, and get the illness treated. It is helpful to know more about the infection, such as its symptoms, their exact causes and relevant treatments.


It is not necessary that each and every dog would show some symptoms. But there are, in most of the cases, certain well-defined symptoms, serious enough to be alert. The major symptoms of ear infection in a dog are:

  • Head shaking – The dog shakes its head frequently, which does not match its usual behavior.
  • Scratching affected ear – You could see your pet scratching its affected ear every now and then. This might be an indication that it is facing a problem with the specific ear.
  • Dark discharge – Take a note on the color of the discharge, on a daily basis. If it is very dark, then there might be some problem related to the infection.
  • Bad odor – A faint or extreme odor from its ear region could be a prominent symptom.
  • Redness – Redness in one of the ears could be most certainly a strong symptom.

Causes of Infection

After knowing the symptoms, it is wise to learn about the main causes. When taking your dog to a reliable vet, try to understand the exact cause behind the illness. This could make you aware of it, preventing it in the future. The causes are –

  • Moisture – Humidity in air could be a major factor to cause the infection inside a dog’s ear.
  • Allergies – Your cuddly pet could be suffering from some sorts of allergies in the ear canal, causing the problem.
  • Endocrine disorder – The issue could also originate from some endocrine disorders, such as thyroid issues, aggravating the infection.
  • Build-up of wax – Irregular cleaning of the ear could build up wax in the ear canal, leading to pain.
  • Foreign objects – A small foreign object could have entered into its ear, causing the issue.

Treatment of Infection

The method of treatment is dependent on the type and seriousness of the infection. The vet could clean your pet’s ear with a certified medical cleanser. If the infection is more severe, then it might require ‘Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA)’ surgery.

Get It Treated by Top Vets

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Dog Ear Infection